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When Enmity Is Not Enough

Apparently, Ken Krekeler read a lot of webcomics that sucked. So he decided to make one too.

My Nemesis seems to be a pastiche of a lot of other things, without a well developed plotline or believable characters. It starts out being a story about a guy writing a webcomic. It then fairly quickly skips around to different parts of the world and then turns into a comic about a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend.

The over-the-top attitude and characterization of Kal is obviously intended to be humorous, but it ends up being dull and trite. Having been dumped, the overly angsty Kal then sets off on a journey to find himself.

Pretty much all the jokes fall flat. The artwork is competent, although fairly uninspired – like the rest of the comic.

Ken seems to have talent. But he doesn’t seem to be using it. So, Ken Krekeler, I hope you fucking get shot and die.